Strap in for a rollicking journey - Undirection will take you to places you won’t see coming. They’ll tell you someone’s story from beginning to end, but it’ll be peppered along the way with songs, flashbacks, freestyle rap, a training montage...anything the director calls for, at a snap of his fingers!

les musicables

Imagine your favourite musical. Then imagine it completely unscripted with songs created completely on the spot. Featuring a cast of talented singers and trained musicians, each show aims not just for sweeping musical numbers and genres - but also to touch audiences with emotional depth that can only be achieved through song.

Modern Schemers

If it’s not broke, we’ll fix it anyway. The Schemers are The Improv Company’s experimental improv troupe - they devise and stage new techniques for every show. You never know what to expect from this R&D department, except their signature biting wit and dark humour. 


Totally improvised. Inconsolably funny. Deeply weird. Picard is Singapore’s newest improv comedy team, freshly squeezed, slightly tangy and sort-of hilarious. Proud performers of UCB's Asscat format, we take the stories of a very special guest monologist (HINT: IT'S A HEARTTHROB) and turn them into comedy gold.


Catch the duoprov act ASAP ("Ah Sang Ah Pui"/"One Thin One Fat") made up of experienced improvisers Timothy Yeo and Isaac Long. Witness the chemistry between the two bros as they bring you improvised stories and songs acted out by only two people. Featuring Joel Chua on keys and directed by Pamy Tan.

ninjas with attitude

Hailing from the Haque Centre for Acting and Creativity, the Ninjas enjoy interweaving storylines in the famous Harold format.



If you’ve ever seen Whose Line Is It Anyway, you’ll recognise Part II. Play along with classic favourites like Questions Only, Blind Lines, and The Dating Game with this fast-paced short-form team. So named because they were once the second act in their debut performance, Part II has since evolved into a team with a singular goal: making you laugh.


They are closest thing to a full-length play. Theatrically flavoured, the Plot Thickeners enjoy telling stories that are rich, well-acted and nuanced. Audiences can find pieces of themselves in every show and in the moments of surprising darkness or joy.


The Latecomers are the latest international improvisational comedy troupe to be based in Singapore. founded in 2014, they create songs, sketches and memorable characters on the spot, based on suggestions from the audience and their own wonderous minds. The team is led by stand-up and improv comedian Joanna Sio, and stars fellow stand-up comedians from Singapore and beyond.


Join Arnaud and Graeme as they crank out an hour of improvised theatre from nothing but audience suggestions and the mysterious Story Machine™. Step inside our factory and learn the secrets behind your favourite blockbusters, books, tales and illegally pirated tv series. The audience will push their own characters, plot devices and dramatic twists into the machine. Then, watch as a gleaming new story is manufactured and improvised before your very eyes!

Thick. Solid. Tight.

Pick a card, any card. The duo will take it from there. It'll be a performance thicker, solid-er and tighter than you'd expect from two people who stopped lifting weights a while ago.

...with many more teams in store!